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 Barry Walker 7th February 2013 - 11lb-12oz

Cliff James Local Piker 2nd February 2013

Barry Walker 4th January 2012 after the flood water receded

18th November 2012 Local Piker Chris with a 15lb-4oz Fish

Local Piker Steve With a Lovely 17lb Pike Caught 2011
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Summer Fishing

Cliff James 17th December 2013
                                                      29th May 2012 Boxford Lake

Ed joined Trev & enjoyed a relaxing day in the warm weather catching a variety of fish
       including some nice Roach, Cruician Carp, Tench & Carp although there were
                   no record Breakers it was nice to catch the fish on light tackle.
                      Note : Ed the Master using his Classic Centre Pin Reel.
                       The River Stour Tuesday 15th November 2011
Ed joined Trev for a session on the river today & they had 8 Pike to about 9lbs,, they had plenty of missed runs as usual but the sun was shining for a change.
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