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Wild Life Snaps
Country Scenes
Monster Gallery
Tim A Previous PB River Pike at 17lb-04oz 26th Feb 2013
Tim 15lb-10oz River Pike 14th March 2012
Tim's Best 18lb-8oz Stillwater Pike 7th March 2012
Trev's Previous Best 18lb-10oz River Pike 9th Feb 2011
18lb-08oz River Stour 4th November 2010
17lb-02oz Sudbury 1st December 2009
17lb-05oz Wick Mere 11th December 2007
Trev's PB Common Carp 24lb-01oz Blunts Mere 14th May 2010
15lb-9oz Suffolk Stour 6th March 2009
Tim's New PB 22lb-10oz Carp Local Lake 5th July 2013
Dave's Personal Best Common at 19lb-9oz
Captured on 23rd September 2013
Summer Fishing
Trev's 23lb PB Pike Captured using a Toby Lure from Aberton Reservoir 30th November 1978
Trev's Second Best Pike at 20lb-11oz Caught on 31st October 2014
Trev's Previous Best River Pike at 18lb-14oz
Caught at The Norfolk Broads
on 5th February 2015
Trev's New Personal Best River Stour Pike at 20lb-2oz Caught
on 27th February 2015
Pike Catches
Second PB River Pike For Tim
at 18lb-2oz Caught on 1st November 2016
The River Stour Suffolk
A New PB Pike For Tim
at 20lb-5oz Caught on 25th October 2017
The River Stour Suffolk
New PB Roach 2lb-2oz
Wednesday 29th May 2019
New PB Perch 2lb-6oz Tuesday 10th September 2019