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14th March 2013 The River Stour Suffolk

This is the last River fishing day of the season & after breaking the ice to get Piker 1 out the session started quite slow but hotted up later in the day & Trev & Tim boated 14 Pristine Pike to Low Doubles, A very nice end to a hard winters Piking, We are having a lay off for a few weeks catching up on the gardening, again the Twenty pounder will have to wait until next season !
Suffolk Stour 19th Feb 2013

Today Trev & Tim were greeted with a glorious day for a change & they caught a few Pike which although not massive were
needed to raise the anglers spirits after the poor results over recent weeks. Time is now running out for the end of the river
fishing season, now three weeks to go so we are now in pursuit of the Big Girls! !!
The River Stour Sudbury 15th February 2013

As the weather was set fine for the day Trev & Tim took Piker 1 out & were faced with a heavy running river that had risen overnight & was unfishable , not detererd Tim & Trev took the boat to an area that was out of the current & managed 8 Pike between them the biggest again to Tim at 12lb-1oz (not Pictured as it was returned quickly after weighing) well done Tim, we are hoping that the river will fine down over the next few days & have a return Trip soon , During the day Trev had a mishap & accidently set off his automatic life Jacket to Tim's amusement, at least we now know that they work.....
The River Stour Sudbury 5th February 2013

Trev & Tim took Piker 1 out on the river on this very windy cold day, they did not hope for too much but were pleased to catch
13 Pike best 9lb-2oz to Trev for a change, on returning to the mooring they were greeted by a heavy snow shower, in view of the weather forecast no plans have been made for the next trip.....
Essex lake Near Chelmsford 30th January 2013

As the rivers are just fining down from the recent flood waters Tim & Trev decided to fish a lake instead, As the lake had also risen by flood water even this was doubtful that they could find a swim to fish, against the odds Tim & Trev had six doubles for a total of 8 fish the best went to Tim at 12lb-5oz followed by an 11lb-14oz to Trev,, all in all a worthwhile Trip...
15th September 2013 The River Stour Sudbury
Caught by Trev on a Black Spinnerbait Lure
8th October 2013
First Double Pike at 10lb-6oz From Local Mere at Chelmsford
Suffolk Stour 8th November 2013
Tim & Trev's first trip out on Piker1 for some time, they had 8 fish with Tim catching his first double of the season... note that fish shown was about 8lbs
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