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Essex Gravel Pit 14th November 2013
Tim & Trev chose to fish a local pit looking for the Elusive 20 pounder, The first of three Pike was 13lb-4oz to Trev's rod followed by Tim with a lovely 11lb-4oz specimen, Later in the day Trev landed an upper Double of 18lb exactly,
22nd November 2013
Dave & Trev were out on Piker 1 today , Dave had Three Pike & Trev Blanked, "it happens sometimes".
4th December 2013
Tim & Trev were out on Piker 1 today , Tim had Five Pike & Trev Landed Eight Fish to About 8lbs. An Active day but no Biggies This Time!
The River Stour Sudbury
14th January 2014
Tim & Trev went out on Piker 1 today after a lay off on the river due to the river conditions after the heavy rain of recent weeks. Today the weather forecast was dry and temperatures between 4c - 8c.
Tim landed 6 Pike to just over 8 lbs & Trev managed 2 fish on the day, we now are looking forward to the next outing soon.
Local Club Lake Chelmsford
3rd February 2014
Tim & Trev had not been out for a few weeks on a full day due to the weather being so wet , As the forecast was for a sunny day they decided to fish the local club water, only one run on the day to Tim which he converted to the Pike of the day (well done Tim), We hope to be out on the river soon.
23rd February 2014
The River Stour
Trev Popped down to his local swim for a few hours this morning on the river & landed 3 Pike, the best about 8lbs
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