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The Suffolk Stour
28th February 2014
After some really stormy weather over the past few weeks and further rain forecast for today Trev & Tim decided that whatever the weather for today they would take Piker 1 out, it paid off with them boating 8 Pike (Four each) to 10lb-9oz (To Tim) , with only 2 weeks left of the River season to go they will be back soon hopefully in better conditions.
The Suffolk Stour
4th March 2014
Trev & Tim were back on the river as the weather forecast was dry with some sunshine, on arrival the river level had gone up overnight & was running fast & coloured not the best conditions for fishing, Trev managed one pike of exactly 12lbs & was very pleased with the result in the very difficult conditions.
Essex Lake
6th March 2014
Today Trev & Tim fished a local lake that they had not fished for a while due to the recent floods, although the water level was well above normal it was fishable, Tim landed his season best pike so far at 14lb exactly (Well done Tim), Trev had another of about 8lbs, we plan to be back on the river soon
Pike Catches
Pike Catches
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