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3rd May 2013
A New Lake at Chelmsford Essex.

After a 6 Week Break from fishing Trev Dave & Tim tried out a new lake that their fishing club had a aquired a lease on, previously it had been a Trout Fishery with some Carp in although they did not see anyone catch carp all three anglers landed some very nice Rainbow Trout that put up a great fight, Dave Caught his first Trout & was Delighted !.
                                               Blenheim Palace Lakes near Oxford
Trev was treated to a trip out on a boat on Tuesday 9th July 2013, It turned out to be a quite an experience, he managed three fish 1 low double Pike on a Spinner, 1 Tench of about 4lb & a 7lb Bream, in view of the very hot weather on the day he was very pleased with the result & a bonus being the only angler out on the lakes.
Tim & Trev Spinning on The River Stour Sudbury 29th June 2013
8th August 2013 Spinning on The River Stour
15th August 2013 Tufnel Mere
A Nice Common of 13lb-8oz
10th September 2013 Blunts Mere
23rd September 2013
Tim, Dave & Trev Managed a session in pursuit of the late summer carp, they were rewarded with some nice fish caught throughout the day on a variety of boilie baits, Dave landed a new personal best common of nearly 20lbs see third photo below, this fish is also Pictured on the Monster Gallery.
Summer Fishing
Pike Catches
A Few Pics from Summer 2018 including a 2lb-3oz Personal Best Roach
Summer Fishing
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