Summer Fishing
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Summer Fishing
25th July 2014 Club Lake Chelmsford
Tim & Trev finaly managed to have a trip to a lake that they had planned some weeks ago & both Tim & Trev landed some nice Carp & Tim also had some lovely sized Roach, It was a very hot day.
15th August 2014 The River Stour Sudbury Suffolk.
Trev had the pleasure of Dave's company today aboard Piker 1
both caught Pike to about 5lbs on spinners, also Perch, Roach, Rudd & Dave caught a Chub over 4lbs a real Warrior that put up a great fight on light float tackle, (Well Done Dave).
and yes it Rained !
18th August 2014 Club Lake Chelmsford Essex
As the weather forecast was fine for today Tim & Trev finaly planned a session together,
Tim caught several bream of a decent size & a suprise big Perch on sweetcorn, Trev managed a couple of Carp & several Roach.
Tim had a fright when his quiver tip bent into a Large Pike that surfaced a few times but not unexpectedly broke Tim's light hook length, and yes it rained again !
Friday 5th September 2014
Tim & Trev went Pike fishing but the Pike were having a day off so Tim & Trev float fished & landed 3 Carp & some roach & a Perch, we will be back soon when the weather gets colder.
Monday 22nd September 2014
Tim & Trev on the River Stour Sudbury, Trev had a Low Double Pike, other fish caught were Roach, Bream, & Rudd. Next Trip will be in October.
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Summer Fishing
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