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3rd June 2015
After a break due to the poor weather and spawning of some species of fish Tim & Trev met up at a local Lake and enjoyed a little sport both anglers catching fish despite being rather cold at the start of the day , Tim did very well with the bream also catching a bonus Carp
9th June 2015
Tim & Trev returned to a lake at Ulting in Essex where they had previously blanked on 1st May, it was well worth the effort as both Tim & Trev Caught some really nice fish including Carp to 17lb-4oz (Well Done Tim) , Crucian Carp to Trev also 2 Lovely Tench & Perch, Rudd & Roach, we went home full of enthusiasm & ready for the next trip planned for the start of the river fishing season on 16th June (watch this space) to see how we got on.
28th July 2015
Tim & Trev had been struggling to arrange a session due to Holidays and adverse weather conditions but at last they both got together for a trip to on a local club water at Ulting. The carp obliged and Tim landed the best fish of the day a common of 15lb-10oz and Trev had carp to 14lb and some more doubles, Total was 10 carp and some nice Roach on the float rods ,,and the rain kept away for a change..
21st August 2015
Dave Joined Trev on a Summer visit to Sudbury for a day trip on the river, target species were Rudd, Roach,Chub,Perch & maybe a pike or two on spinners.
The result was all of the above accept Chub which we encountered but could not catch, the day was overcast with sunny spells and very warm, Dave really bagged up on the Perch, Trev befriended a lonely Swan that appeared Mateless, to sum up "A lovely day out on the River".
16th August 2016
Today Tim & Trev were blessed with fine weather for a trip to a local club lake, The fishing was hectic at times with plenty of Double figure Carp Netted to both anglers, best fish 13lb to Tim.
26th August 2016
Today Dave & Trev took Piker 1 out on the river Stour for a summer fun outing with the intention to catch anything that swims in the river, the result was Sizable Bream, Pike to about 7lb on spinners, Chub to about 4lbs to both Trev & Dave and some nice Rudd perch & roach, as the weather was very hot with the river at an all time clear we were very pleased with the result.
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