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1st November 2016 The River Stour
This was the first Pike fishing trip afloat on Piker 1 of the season with a few Jacks to about 6lbs being caught throughout the day.
Tim was fishing the last 15 minutes of the session and ended it with a new personal best river pike of 18lb-2oz (Well Done Tim) both Trev & Tim are looking forward to the next session and the hunt goes on ..
16th November 2016
Trev with a 10lb-12oz Pike from local lake.
18th January 2017 The River Stour
This was the first trip out on Piker 1 this year for Tim & Trev and they were faced with sub Zero temperatures, both Tim & Trev landed lovely looking Pike of just under 13lb and 16lb and one other about 8lb Mackerel Sardine & Herring were the successful baits
8th February 2017 The River Stour
After some very cold weather and frozen access to the river Tim & Trev managed to have a few hours out on the river although still very cold with a north east wind, the trip was successful with 8 Pike boated to 13lb.
15th February 2017 The River Stour
After a rainy start to the day Trev & Tim managed to boat 8 Pike including the biggest Pike to Tim at 10lb-7oz.
25th October 2017 The River Stour
Trev & Tim managed to boat several Pike including the biggest to Tim at 20lb-05oz. and a new Personal Best (Well Done Tim on your first Twenty)
Early October 2017
Trev with a 15lb-10oz Very Lean Pike from local lake.
Pike Catches
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