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5th January 2018

Today Tim & Trev fished a local club water, Tim caught 2 small pike during the day and as they were about to pack up Tim Landed this Beauty at 16lb-5oz, Trev had a run shortly after but did not hook up, we are hoping to get back on the river early next week weather permitting,,
Monday 8th January 2018

With almost a month since Tim & Trev were able to take out Piker1 on the river today the weather was kind to them and 13 Pike were landed with two good doubles for Trev & Tim 14lb-3oz and 13lb-4oz respectively.
Tuesday 30th January and Wednesday 7th February 2018
Due to some very cold weather Tim and Trev were struggling to catch in the lakes so braved it out on the river in some freezing weather, it paid off with a catch of 38 Pike over the 2 days with several low doubles including a cracking looking fish of 17lb-15oz another notable pike was 14lb-3oz
both of the biggest specimens fell to Tim's baits...
14th December 2018
Dave Joined Trev aboard Piker 1 in Zero temperatures and landed 16 Pike to 13lb-10oz
A Few Photos of some of the pike that we have caught since 1st October 2019
 Biggest fish 16lb-12oz so far.
Pike Catches
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