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26TH February 2020
Tim & Trev only just managed to grab a day out on the river as the flood water had dropped over the last day,
The pike were hungry and Tim Landed 6 Pike and Trev 5 with1 a piece over over 14lbs
as the weather forecast is more rain to come this maybe the last trip out on the Stour this season, but we can hope for just one more outing.
Tuesday 17th March 2020
Tim & Trev caught up at last for a day at a local lake what may be the last outing for Pike, after a slow start Tim landed a small Pike Trev had a couple of fast runs from what he assumed were small Jacks, but then in the afternoon Tim Hooked and landed a lovely conditioned 15lb-06oz Beauty, well doneTim !
not sure if we dare have another trip before the Pike season ends on 31st March .